Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wench Wednesday: Slattern Power!!!

The triumvirate's harem of slatterns has been getting quite upset about their lack of representation on Feast Ethos. So in the interest of gender equity, we present Wench Wednesdays. Each "hump day," one of our Doxies will present a guest post about issues important to the womenfolk.

I asked Kabeirus for his credit card to buy some new know, the red manolos with the [indecipherable slattern drivel]! LOL.......but he said no!!!! I said OMG Kabeirus I have no shoes to match this dress WTF am I supposed to wear!! I told him he TOTALLYYYY was not being sensible and I cried in my room for an hour while he watched House. That didn't work though. Men are so unreasonable!!!

Miss Salmon really delivers here............we ARE sensible!!!

Chris Swann reports that, yes, men have suffered 75% of the job losses in this recession. But look at the last recession: they suffered 86% of the job losses in that one. And the recession before that? More than 98% of the job losses. He concludes:
As the slide in manufacturing and production tails off, male workers can expect some relief. The problems of many women in the workforce are far more ingrained and harder to deal with. Man-cession aside, it’s still a man’s world.
The worlds where I live my professional life — both finance and the blogosphere/punditocracy — are massively overweight men; that’s an unambiguously bad thing. Women are more sensible than men, and less likely to take extreme risks. If we’d had more women in charge of the global financial system, I suspect that the most egregious excesses of the past decade would never have occurred. So if we must have a recession, then a man-cession is exactly what we need.

Take THAT, Kabeirus!

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